Research Study: Cloud Enabled eCommerce

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Research Study: Cloud Enabled eCommerce

Cloud Enabled eCommerce research study is aimed at examining a degree to which companies that have a significant portion of their revenue generated through an eCommerce channel are aware and taking advantage of Cloud Computing paradigm. The data collection stage of the study will be held from May 5th, 2010, to June 17th, 2010.

Why participate?

All participants of the study will receive the results of the study free of charge, valued over $2,000. In addition, participants of the study will qualify for a free Cloud Migration Assessment by one of the sponsors of the study, valued over $5,000.


The emergence of the Cloud Computing paradigm represents one of the most significant developments in Software Infrastructure over the past several years. It represents a quantum leap in the way business and technology companies perceive hardware assets. Cloud Computing promises to commoditize the use of Hardware Infrastructure providing significant Business and IT savings.

This research study will reflect on the state of the Cloud Computing as it is perceived by the companies that are utilizing internal eCommerce software as the key means of generating their monthly recurring revenue. More specifically the study will evaluate awareness of the utility of Cloud Computing as it is understood by the eCommerce community.

Results of the Study

Your opinion amalgamated with that of other study participants will help shape Cloud Computing services and products as they pertain to the eCommerce space. The results of the study will reflect key aspects of Cloud Computing as they are perceived by the eCommerce community, insuring that Cloud Provider offering remains relevant to the eCommerce industry as a whole. The results of the study will be published in a quarterly issue of eBusiness Journal.

Time Commitment

Participation in the study will take 5-10 minutes of your time and will take the form of either an in-person or over-the-phone interview, depending on your preference.


Your privacy is important to us. Your answers will be combined with others and will never be linked with you personally. Your identity will be kept strictly confidential.

Participate now!

To receive the results of the study absolutely free of charge and qualify for a free infrastructure assessment, please contact us before April 17, 2010, to either initiate an online survey or schedule a phone survey.

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